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Times, Sunday Times (2010)To have one highly successful career would be enough for most. Times, Sunday Times (2015) One successful young guy got hooked because he was abroad a lot with work. The Sun (2009)Will the sacrifices only be worthwhile if our life and work are hugely successful? Christianity Today (2000)The successful outcome of those initiatives receives little attention here.

Neppure la fantasia di Orwell era arrivata a tanto. Eppure, è esattamente l’incubo che ci sta aspettando, se nessuno lo fermerà. Ed è inutile farsi illusioni: per ora, del “mostro” non parla nessuno. Non una parola, ovviamente, dalle comparse della politica, e neppure da giornali e televisioni. Un buon segnale per il governo statunitense, che spera di concludere con il Vecchio continente una partnership di questo tipo. Negoziato in segreto, tale progetto fortemente sostenuto dalle multinazionali permetterebbe loro di citare in giudizio gli stati che non si piegano alle leggi del liberismo..

The combination is incomparable. Why bother to compare? The eye/ear of the beholder! Either you like her or you don What need is there to genderize her or anyone else art. Does appreciating Freddy Mercury musical genious require that one be gay!? To put it in the vein of Monty Python Spamalot, fart on your (Holden narrowmindedness! (my quote)..

The glen is a comparatively short one, and consists of two parts, the upper and the lower glens. The trap formation at the top of the upper glen which separates it from the hollow meadow land beyond and to the west of it, bears evidence of having been worn down by the overflow of water, probably from a lake formed there by the ponded back water of the Capellie burn that now flows past the old mill and under the bridge on the Capellie road. The upper reach of the glen is short but picturesque, and the descent from the trap which separates it from the lower glen is rapidly made by a series of broken rocks, and as the water plunges over them a succession of foaming white falls is produced, which, when the burn is in flow, have a grand appearance, especially when viewed from below.

Dr Judith Perl, pharmacologist, of the Clinical Forensic Medicine Unit NSW Police Service released information in 1991 of a study conducted over the period 1987 90. The study involved taking blood and urine samples from accident victims in four Sydney hospitals at random. The only qualifier was that those measuring .05 BAC [blood alcohol concentration], or known to have consumed alcohol were not tested for other drug use.

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