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La tradizione del travestimento e dei mimi travestiti è molto antica e diffusa un po per tutta Europa: uomini che indossano maschere e costumi tradizionali o estemporanei come quelli carnevaleschi (ma sempre ritualizzati) cantano, ballano, recitano (o mimano) per esorcizzare gli spiriti maligni e i demoni di modo che ogni nuovo anno possa iniziare purificato e carico di energia positiva. Names vary: “mummers” and “guisers” are the commonest; in Sussex they are “tipteerers,” perhaps because of the perquisites they collect, in Cornwall “geese dancers” (“geese” no doubt comes from “disguise”), in Shropshire “morris” or “merry” “dancers.” It is to be noted that they are unbidden guests, and enter your house as of right. Sometimes they merely dance, sing, and feast, but commonly they perform a rude drama.(tratto da qui).

Times, Sunday Times (2008)He once cut a flamboyant figure. Times, Sunday Times (2012)His flamboyant style of play had made him one of football’s first international stars. Times, Sunday Times (2011)I am tempted to wear something a little flamboyant in his memory.

Our aim consists in developing a tool that matches the GW probability values to the positions of detected gamma ray sources: it will enable the Flare Advocate on duty to immediately report a likely gamma ray counterpart of the GW event and to alert the world wide community of observatories. Follow up campaigns are going to investigate possible connections between gravitational waves and electromagnetic emission in a wide wavelength range. One of the methods of sphere pixelation mostly used for dealing with large amounts of astronomical data, has played an important role in the elaboration of the tool, providing functions that are useful to manipulate directions of the sky and to visualize sky maps.

Our server was just attentive enough he offered more bread, brought the food right as we finished the appetizer and was affable about substitutions. We weren offered refills and I not sure if that because they don do them as a rule, or if it was overlooked. The appetizer took a long time to come out, but the entrees were delivered quickly after..

Come il fondatore Paul Singer (nella foto) aveva fatto in occasione del default dell in Italia si cercano occasioni. E i crediti malati di Mps sono una grande occasione di arricchimento nel medio periodo. In pratica, si comprano prestiti non onorati da Mps per andarli a recuperare nel tempo con eccezionali guadagni.

The Sun (2011)The indigestion from those heady days will no doubt be long and painful in this downturn. Times, Sunday Times (2009)Some of the stories in the film are extremely painful. Times, Sunday Times (2011)It was all very difficult and very painful.

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